May 17

How the Title Agency You Choose for Real Estate Settlement Makes a Difference

You’ve secured a loan, selected your new home and successfully negotiated with the seller, so closing the deal will be smooth sailing, right? Well, only if you choose the right title agency to perform your real estate settlement. This is where superb service makes a difference.

A title agency is a neutral third party that oversees and manages the process once the seller accepts a buyer’s offer and a contract is signed. The title agency works in conjunction with the lender, realtor, seller and purchaser and conducts the settlement. However, many important steps proceed this exciting moment and a lot can go wrong to delay or otherwise jeopardize your closing. So before you buy your next home, it’s important to know who will be conducting your settlement and to choose wisely.

Since 2009, Northwest Title & Escrow (NWTE)* has been synonymous with superior customer service. NWTE is a licensed, bonded and full-service title agency providing settlement services for residential and commercial real estate closings in DC, Maryland and Virginia. As a testament to its reputation in the industry, NWTE has been the recipient of Old Republic National Title Insurance Company’s (Northern Division) Shining Star Award for Operational Excellence for the past three years and Stewart Title Guaranty Company’s 2020 Pacesetter Award.

According to Deb Koenig, assistant vice president of NWTE, what makes the difference between a timely and efficient settlement and one that is delayed is working with a reputable title agency that not only has years of experience on its team, but experience working together as a team. “With our team, there’s a synergy that ensures all the steps in the process are done precisely so that issues are not discovered last minute, and the closing can proceed smoothly,” she said.

Before closing, NWTE performs a title search to research the public records related to the property. The title report is then examined, and property title matters are cleared to avoid any delays for the settlement to proceed. This is the first and perhaps most critical step in the process. The team meticulously reviews loan documents, accurately assesses buyer and seller costs and prepares the settlement package. At closing, a title agent will review and explain your documents, making sure the terms you agreed upon are correct. NWTE ensures all money required for the closing is handled securely and properly to prevent fraud. Documents are then sent to the county clerk’s office for recordation.

With every step, professional and clear communication with the homebuyer is NWTE’s top priority. The team is flexible and accommodating in regard to scheduling the closing as well. So for your next real estate purchase — whether personal or business — ask for a title agency that will make a difference in your closing. Better yet, just ask for NWTE.

*Northwest Title & Escrow is a subsidiary of NW Capital Management, a wholly owned subsidiary of Northwest Federal Credit Union.